Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is Purple Just For Royalty?

Another week has passed and it is time to join Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Thank you for hosting my favorite weekly meme, Susan.

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Is purple just for royalty...I hardly think so, as it is on my table this week! I have been trying, for awhile now, to find enough dishes to do a purple table. I have had a hard time finding anything in purple that I thought I could live with, but think there is enough here to do a decent tablescape.

The table before the flowers were cut.


Plum dinner plate used as a charger plate.

Dinner plate.

Close-up of pattern.

Two shades of purple/lavender stemware.

Layered pieces.

Flowers from my yard...the day lilies are about done, these are the end of the season scrawny ones...a week or so ago, they were huge. I have also used the gooseneck loosestrife, again, purple coneflowers, lavender buddleia, white coneflowers, beebalm, and something dark magenta, can't remember the name of it, but when cut it has a strong onion smell, so it is probably in the allium family, but really small.

Dinner plate/charger-TAG Sonoma plum
Dinner plate-Salem Bryn Mawr
Dessert/salad plate-2 Hazel Atlas Moroccan and 2 Bormioli Rocco Duralex
Salad bowl-No markings
Dark purple water/lemonade glass-Unknown maker/pattern
Lavender wine stems-Noritake Sweet Swirl
Flatware-Oneida Afterglow
Lavender napkins-Linen
Vase-iridescent from my late mother-in-law
Flowers-from my yard

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Thrifty Treasures #2

I will be joining our host, Rhoda, of Southern Hospitality for Today's Thrifty Treasures. Please stop by her blog to see what everyone's thrifty treasures are this week! To enlarge any picture, just click on it.

We went to my husband's high school reunion this weekend, I took a few minutes to head out to the thrift store. I found a few items, nothing spectacular like some people do!

Three pressed glass wines and 3 amber wines 79¢ each, 4 pressed glass sherbets 49¢ each and the largest purchase of the day, a Westmoreland milk glass pitcher $10.99.

I had been looking for yellow plates, which all of a sudden seem to be scarce; found 2 salad size for 99¢. I also scooped up the two little J&G Meakin plates in the Acantha pattern, ca. 1890, for 49¢ each. The white teapot with no markings and two gravy boats, which I will use for salad dressings were found here in town for 25¢ each.

The best purchase of the day was a Hobie International backpack purse for $3.99. It is almost in brand new condition.

A couple weeks ago there was an estate sale the next street from us and I found some pink glass...6 luncheon plates, 5 medium bowls, 1 small bowl and 6 mugs for $5.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Stormy Weather

What does summer mean to me? If you live in Kansas, particularly the east central portion, it most likely means...lots of hot, humid and oftentimes destructive stormy weather...
I will join The Tablescaper for Summer Sunday this week...thank you for hosting, A.

These pictures were taken this past Wednesday...we got an inch and a half of rain in less than an hour.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shades of Orange

Tablescape Thursday, it is getting to be that time, when we visit Susan at Between Naps On The Porch to see some great tables done by fellow bloggers. Thank you, Susan for hosting my favorite meme!

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While scouring an old schoolhouse turned flea market in the town just south of where I live I was lucky enough to find 4 luncheon size plates with a color that I love to use in my peach dining

Close up of the pattern.

Later in the same week I was astonished to find 4 placemats with the same colors as the fringe. To be truthful, I wasn't looking for any linens, period...but, hey, when they jump right out at me I have to take them home! I had to turn them the long way like a table runner as the table I am using is very small and cozy, compared to our regular dining room table.

I did have to buy a couple of salad plates as I only had two in the Waechtersbach Orange Peel. The original two were found at TJMaxx, but haven't seen any since I bought these about 3 years ago.

I have been searching e-Bay for more orange goblets after finding the two small ones. Well, I finally found some large enough to use for lemonade/tea/water but they were being sold as a set of 7 with a couple other pieces, none of which I was interested in . I was so happy when the seller agreed to sell me 4, my husband thought I was doing a rain dance, which we certainly didn't/don't need, when I was doing a happy dance!

The silver is Oneida Afterglow 1956. Peach linen napkins came from ARC Thrift store for 25¢ apiece.

The flowers are from the front yard, orange day lilies, orange ditch lilies, white cone flowers and gooseneck loosestrife.

Luncheon plates-French Saxon China-pattern is unknown
Salad plate-Waechtersbach Orange Peel
White soup bowl-Homer Laughlin H7N
Orange goblets-L.E. Smith Moon and Stars 1940's
Flatware-Oneida Afterglow 1956; Soup spoons Interantional Silver Manhattan 1932
Placemats and napkins-ARC Thrift Store

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Completely Thrifted Tablescape!

It is time to visit Between Naps On The Porch with our hostess, Susan, for Tablescape Thursday. Please make sure you stop by her porch so you can enjoy the other tablescapes everyone has worked so hard on this week.

To enlarge any of the pictures, just click on it.

Quite some time ago I found a couple of green placemats that had little bees on them. I was hoping to find two more, but no such luck. With only three colors to work with, I have kept the table very, very simple. Everything on the table is either from the thrift store, yard sale or a gift!.

I added a black dinner plate and a gold salad/soup bowl.

The glassware is an amber goblet for lemonade/iced tea and a smaller green for the wine. The amber ones were found Monday at Goodwill for almost nothing, even before the 25% senior discount. The green ones, also from a thrift store, have been used here several times.

The flatware is mismatched silverplate.

Cabbage tureen.

Tandy the rooster has found his way onto another table...

Flowers from the yard, brown-eyed Susan, orange ditch lily, pink and white cone flowers, coral bells, gooseneck loosestrife and vinca. There has been so much wind and rain here, only the toughest flowers have survived.

Bee placemats-Savers $3.99 for both
Black napkins-Goodwill 25¢ each
Black dinner plate-Goodwill 49¢ each
Gold salad/soup bowl-Goodwill 37¢ each
Green stemware-ARC Thrift 25¢ each
Amber stemware-Goodwill 37¢ each
Silverplated flatware-25¢-99¢ each
Cabbage tureen-yard sale $1
Clear votive holders-ARC Thrift 25¢ each
Tandy the rooster-yard sale $1
Vase-have had for years
Green bowl the vase is sitting on-Gift from sister

Thank you for stopping to look at my blog entry this is really appreciated.