Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farewell To Summer!

I am joining Cuisine Kathleen for her Farewell To Summer Table Challenge. When I think of summer's end in Kansas, I think of the sunflowers (Kansas' state flower) that grow along every roadway in east/central Kansas, especially the secondary roads. Must be summer isn't quite over as I haven't seen any of these beauties, yet, this year. I can tell you the temperatures, which have been in the high nineties the last 10 days or so tell me summer is still going strong in Kansas!

The table cloth is a deep golden yellow which is the color of some sunflowers. I topped it with a red, green and sunflower yellow striped runner.

The sunflower napkins are the only thing I could think of to go with the table I had in mind. I have used yellow wooden bead napkin rings.

The plate stack begins with an overly large barn red dinner plate (Max Studio Home) found at TJMaxx on sale for a dollar each. The next layer is a white Wedgwood Hedge Rose dinner plate which is topped with a bright yellow sunflower glass salad/dessert plate.

The simple highball glassware is a citrine Artland Iris, recently bought at Savers. They were $1.99 for 2, I got them on senior day, so with the 25% discount they came to $1.49 for a pair. Unfortunately, there were only 6 of them. I also found 4 iced tea stems for the same price...they are huge!

The fun 1970's flatware is Oxford Hall Perfectionware, just love them, they make me smile!

The centerpiece is an old Bennington Pottery pitcher filled with silk sunflowers...even the local florist didn't have any sunflowers today! The wooden candle stick is another Savers find. I think the little custard bowls that I am using for salt/pepper may also be Bennington Pottery. They were all found at Goodwill for a few dollars at most.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to visit. I hope you will return the next time.

I will be joining Let's Dish/Cuisine Kathleen.

Monday, August 18, 2014

August Green

Here it is the middle of August and everything is still green! Very unusual for this part of the should be browning up by now. On the way to lunch with relatives yesterday we noticed how green the fields of soybeans still are, even the corn hasn't completely dried like the past few years. We are going to experience a week of temperatures in the mid to high 90's...the last blast of summer, hopefully.

The tablecloth is different shades of green and brown on a white background. I bought it at HomeGoods or TJMaxx. The napkins are a solid bright grass green found at the thrift store, probably Savers. The dragonfly napkin rings are from Pier One, I think, via Debbie of Mountain Breaths a few years ago.

Of course, any chance I get I use the BP cabbage leaf dishes! This time the green and white ones. I have to say out of all the dishes I own, the cabbage leafs are my favorite.

Another favorite is the green Oxford Hall Fashion Wear flatware. I sure would like to find a few more placesettings in this color.

The stemware is Ivima 1895 hobnail and Imperlux wine hocks. The emerald wine decanter was a thrift store find several years ago.

The center piece is a BP cabbage leaf pitcher filled with daisies and green handpainted/distressed (by me) candlesticks that I found at Savers for $2.99 each.

This is one of my favorite green tables...oh, let's face it...any green table is a favorite!

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I will join Table It/Rustic & Refined.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Grey Day!

This is not my usual is lacking in color!
The inspiration for this table were the grey dinner plates recently found at Savers. I looked at them, then started to pass when I got into a conversation with another shopper about them. She was looking for something that would go more with browns...I decided to buy them as grey is pretty hard to find.

I started the table with a solid black Vera tablecloth after looking through my stash and not finding anything with grey. I did find very pale grey Cynthia Rowley napkins, so decided to use silver/clear icy beaded napkin rings.

Each placesetting started with a black woven charger, a white Royal Stafford extra large dinner plate, grey Design Ideas Rilling dinner plate (the paper tag on the back calls them loden, but they are definitely grey), a Dalmeny salad plate and finally a Bordallo Pinheiro white cabbage leaf soup bowl.

The glassware is a smokey grey stem.

The flatware is Cambridge in grey pearl.

Centerpieces are always hard for me to put together...a couple of black/white candlesticks with white candles, faux white roses in an urn.

The rim shot.

Thanks for taking the time from your busy day to is very much appreciated.