Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Satsuma Or Whatever You Want To Call It!

I will be joining all the other 'scapers' this week at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Thank you for hosting, Susan.

I will also be joining Smiling Sally for Blue Monday. I don't often have very much blue to share. Thank you for hosting, Sally.

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This week I am doing another blue and white table. My little sister, Judy, sent me a large box filled with Satsuma made by Myott & Sons, England.

This pattern has been know by many names, Blue Howo, Flying Turkey, Blue Phoenix, Flying Phoenix, Twin, Phoenix, Flying Dragon and Phoenix Bird. Judy has been collecting the Blue Phoenix pattern for several years for her daughter and herself. I have read that the Satsuma pattern lacks the deep blue coloring of the Japanese originals.


Layers include the Satsuma dinner plate, an Alfred Meakin luncheon plate, a Bordallo/Pinheiro salad plate and the Satsuma soup bowl.

Dinner plate.

Salad plate.

Soup bowl.

The water glass is Libby Sirrus and I don't know the maker or pattern of the wine stem.

I am not sure if this piece is a butter or cheese dish. The dome broke during shipping, even though it was all bubble-wrapped, but I glued it together.

I used the large platter as the base for the candle holder. There was a smaller platter but that, too, arrived broken, unfortunately.

Overall of the table.

Does anyone collect any of these patterns?

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. It is very much appreciated. Hope to see you back here next week.

Added after I posted...thank you all for your opinions to my Questions, Questions, Questions post of Sept. 26. I appreciate all the input and will be looking at comments in a different light from now on.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Questions, Questions, Questions

I am probably going to make enemies, but I would like your honest opinions on what is proper blogging etiquette when it comes to comments. So here goes...

If someone leaves you a comment:

1. do you visit their blog and leave a comment?
2. do you send them a personal e-mail in lieu of leaving a comment; why?
3. do you totally ignore the comment?

I have visited many, many blogs in the past 1+ years, left comments and have had all three of the above happen. After leaving a few comments (meaning weekly for months) and getting absolutely no response whatsoever, I do not leave a comment and sometimes never go back to that particular blog...obviously the blogger doesn't care one way or the other.

Here is my opinion; if someone takes the time to leave me a comment, I try to visit them and leave a comment. I don't send a personal e-mail in lieu of a comment. If you are typing out an e-mail, why not just leave a short comment. We all like to receive comments. I never intentionally ignore anyone that has left me a comment.

Now that I have brought my questions out in the open...WHAT IS THE PROPER ETIQUETTE on this subject? I value all opinions, so don't be afraid to express yours on this subject.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Red!

It's time for another visit to Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Thank you for hosting my favorite meme, Susan. Please make sure you go to her blog so you may enjoy all the other tables this week.

I will also be joining Sue at It's A Very Cherry World for Rednesday this week.

To enlarge any picture, just click on it.

The inspiration for the table this week are the salad/dessert plates that I "borrowed" from the local ARC Thrift Store, where I volunteer on Wednesday afternoons. What an day I will do a post on it.

I decided to not use a tablecloth or placemats, no special reasoning, there. I started with 4 silverplated trays. Have you ever tried to find four with the same rim pattern at the thrift stores? It has taken almost two years to find them. To them I added red Waechtersbach dinner plates. The salad plates are Cypress Home, each has a different red floral arrangement. The last layer is the little red appetizer plate, which were made by Syracuse China.

I decided to use amber iced tea glasses as the background on the salad plates is sort of a light amber color. I also used a clear wine stem.

The flatware is Oneida Afterglow that I have used numerous times.

There is nothing blossoming in my garden except sedum, so that is the centerpiece this week. I flanked it with silverplated candlesticks.


Table with the candles lit.

I would like to thank everyone that stops by and especially those leaving a comment. It is very much appreciated.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My 100th Post!

How exciting...I can't believe this is my 100th post! September 18th, will be my first year anniversary, too. How very fast that year has gone by.

To enlarge any picture, just click on it.

Here we are, again, ready to ooh and ahh all the tables being shown for Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. Susan, thank you for hosting my favorite weekly meme. Please do visit all the tables this week, you will be in for a real treat...lots of eye candy for all you dish lovers.

I have wanted to do a yellow and blue table for quite some time. For some reason yellow dishes are hard to come by at the thrift stores!

I found these cute napkins several months ago at Savers. They are Marat, made in France. The white, blue and yellow striped tablecloth came from Salvation Army. I thought it perfect to go with the napkins.

The chargers were a gift from my sister, Jerry. They have roosters on them, so I tried to keep with the rooster theme, using blue and white rooster plates along with plain white and blue smaller plates. The soup bowl is Homer Laughlin.

We were out riding the countryside Sunday so we stopped an scooped up an armful of Kansas wild sunflowers. The roadsides are filled with these pretty little flowers this time of year. I love them, but they have so much pollen that falls all over everything and stains it. I left them on the back porch overnight and kept going out to shake that nasty pollen off before bring them inside.

Layers of yellow, blue and white.

The glassware is an amber Colony Whitehall, I think some also call it the Cube pattern and the blue wine is made by Colony, pattern Park Lane


Thank you to all who have taken time to check out my table this week; a special thanks to all who have left a comment.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gorgeous Fall Colors!

Wow, the week flew by, it is time for Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps On The Porch. Thank you, once again, Susan for hosting my favorite meme. Please make sure to go and check all the other tables this week.

To enlarge any picture, just click on it.

Fall is in the air, finally. My inspiration for this fall luncheon table are these autumn colored dishes I found at a nearby Goodwill back in early summer. It has been very hard to not show them until now...I couldn't wait until it is really fall.

The dishes are made by Vernonware. Vernonware began with Poxon China in 1916, located in Vernon, California. Later, in 1928, it became Vernon Potteries or Vernon Kilns. The company was bought out by Metlox in 1958 and became a division of Metlox.

Homespun by Vernonware is one of the older patterns. It has an off-white background with yellow, rust and green stripes forming a plaid, which are handpainted. It was made from 1949 to 1958. There is another pattern, Gingham, which looks like Homespun, but only has the cream, green and yellow.

Replacements, Ltd. has the mugs listed at $47.99 each...the pieces were 49¢ for each piece less the 25% senior discount, which brings the cost down to 37¢ apiece! I paid less than $7 for all the pieces seen on the table. There were only 2 lugged cereal bowls. I also have an extra mug, tea cup/saucer, berry bowl and bread/butter plate, in case I get careless and break a piece, unfortunately there were only 4 luncheon plates without chips.

I have used placemats in tiny checks and napkins in stripes, both have colors of the dishes.

The orange beverage goblets seemed to be perfect for this tablescape. They are L. E. Smith Moon and Stars which were an e-Bay find.

The luncheon plate.

Bread/butter or dessert plate.

Berry bowl.

Layers of gorgeous fall colors!

The placesetting.

I have very few, meaning almost none, flowers left that are blossoming. I did find a lone dark orange rose that is a little sad looking from all the wind we have been having the past few days. There are more buds so maybe in another week the roses will be gorgeous again.

Another shot of the table.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and an extra thank you to all who leave a comment! Hope to see you again next week.