Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Roosters!

A couple weeks ago when I was in Savers I found these really pretty aqua 12" dinner plates. They caught my eye being aqua and then I noticed the rooster so I knew immediately they would be going home with me. They were $3.99 for 4, but I was there on senior day so got 25% off. I noticed they has a couple small chips on the rim, but was sure I had some craft paint the same color. As large as they are, they will always be used as chargers, so there was no fear of food touching the paint. Can you see where I touched them up...I didn't think so!

I started with green woven place mats, added the aqua charger, then a green plate and finally the white, blue and green Valencia cream soups, that are used for salads more than anything.

I couldn't make up my mind about the glassware so chose Artland Iris green and a small aqua wine.

Again, I have used the Oneida Louisiana flatware.

The aqua hemstitched napkin is held with a tiny flower pot that I painted with the same touch up paint I used on the charger...and the candle holders!

The centerpiece is a painted wooden compote holding 4 large egg cups in off white and teal. The bottom says made in England, no maker or pattern. They came with white inserts...the eggs must be huge in England because even jumbo eggs fall to the bottom of the cups! I may sue them for pudding/mousse desserts instead of eggs.

Sorry for the quality of some pictures, it was raining and really dark when I took some.

Thanks for taking the time to visit today, hope you will return next time. Have a wonderful week.

I will link of to Cuisine Kathleen's Let's Dish. Please follow along to see other beautiful and inspiring tablescapes...just click onto the link.


Anonymous said...

What a light and airy table you have! Really like the soft green/aqua theme.
Love you,

chateau chic said...

Your table looks so pretty. Love the color combination you used for your springy setting.
Thank you so much for your visit.
Mary Alice

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Marigene, I love this table. I think this color combo is gorgeous and your plate stack is sooooo pretty. Might be one of my fav's you've done!
hugs, Linda

Crystal Grandeur said...

Thank you dear Marigene for your sweet comment on my inaugural show.few weeks prior to the show was hectic and on the D day i was on my toes.Glad you liked the display.I had arranged everything.Your table is beautiful with the green elements.The woven place mats are popular here and made in cottage industries run by women in villages.Hope you had a great Easter.Love and Hugs Sujatha..:):)

ellen b. said...

What a pleasing color combination this table setting is. Love it! said...

I think your color scheme is dreamy Marigene and your table is stunning with all of your unusual pieces, I just love it!

Red Couch Recipes said...

I love the color combination in this tale. Those chargers are really something. Great patch up, and painting the napkin rings too. I love the green stemware. Maybe the egg cups are for turkey eggs? Joni

Deborah Montgomery said...

very pretty color combination. I love the colors of both of the glasses too. Your napkin holders are very sweet!

Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

You set the most beautiful tables, Marigene. I love this color combination of soft blue and green.

Kathleen said...

Great color combination! Love your new plates, and the napkin rings are darling too!
Thanks for linking this to Let's Dish.


Marigene, you alwaysmake the most groegous tables with the most beautiful dishes, my friend! I love the color combo in the dishes and the soup bowls are simply lovely! I'm loving this entire setting! Going back to see it again!

kitty said...

I love the layers of dish patterns and the pretty color combo, Marigene. You always find such good bargains at Savers. The egg cups are so pretty and what a great idea to use them for mousse.

Anonymous said...

Week after week we are so lucky to have such fantastic tablescapes. Another fabulous one. bbb

Rosie M. said...

This is a BEAUTIFUL table!! I love your chargers: WHAT A DEAL!! You can use them with so many colors. Your dish stack is perfect: lots of colors and textures (love those cream bowls) Your centerpiece is colorful and unique. Thank you for sharing this special tablescape. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

Alycia Nichols said...

Hi, Marigene!!! You find the best stuff at Savers!!! You have an eye for the good stuff, no doubt!! And no...I couldn't tell at ALL where you touched those chargers up! They're great-looking, and I know you'll get lots of great use out of them.

I like it that you mixed aqua with greens and blues. It's a naturally pretty look. Works really well.

It's been tough to find days that aren't icky and cloudy to be able to photograph things. I think Tuesday was about it this week. Today was just CRAZY!!! It got so dark at one point in the late morning that I had to turn on lights in the house!!!

Congratulations on your pretty new find from Savers, you lucky gal! Have a terrific weekend!!!

Jacqueline said...

Marigene your combination of the green and aqua is brilliant! I just love how pretty they are together. And your two goblets are gorgeous too. This just makes me think of the beautiful colors of spring and gets me so excited! Loved it!

Pat Cantwell said...

I adore the soothing hues in your Spring Tablescape, dear friend!!!
Those (hidden) Rooster plates used as chargers are stunning!
I'm quite smitten with the handled bowls and saucer!
Hope you're experiencing warmer weather on your side of the Prairie, too!!!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Beautiful mixture of greens! The plate stack is gorgeous! I love those little flower pot napkin rings! Great job!


Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Marigene,

Your table is lovely! I love the way you've combined greens, blues, and aquas -- such a pretty combination. You're right; those are big egg cups. :) I just LOVE your stemware; pretty stemware really catches my eye these days. Your table really says spring with all the green you've used. Thanks for sharing with us; I hope you have a great weekend!

Warm Hugs,


Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

Oh my golly I absolutely LOVE those rooster chargers! I cannot even believe what a steal you got them for. As you know b/c you just visited me my aqua green/blue dinner plates would go perfectly with them!


If you ever wish to sell them, I'm your girl!

Love this tablescape and so happy I found your blog!

Jennie @ Got My Reservations said...

Your table is stunning and just sucked me into all the details. I love the mix of turquoise and green. Beautiful homage to spring!

Sarah said...

Beautiful mix of greens and aquas on this table. Absolutely lovely stack of dishes with the colors and textures. Great find!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Those chargers are wonderful. What a great find. I didn't see any chips so you must have done a great job touching them up. So pretty!

giveto said...

beautiful!! your blog is a hapiness discovery !!
sorry for my English !!

Rattlebridge Farm said...

Another stunning tablescape. I love your rooster plates, and the layered colors are fresh and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize I missed this table setting. I love all the different textures and colors. - Sue Z.