Friday, June 16, 2017

Late Spring Tablescape

I wanted to do a late spring table so I used the fabric below for the color palette. Anything with greens and blues catches my eye. I saw this fabric at Savers a month or so ago and thought it would make a great tablerunner.

Each placesetting began with a natural woven charger topped with a white dinner plate and lime salad plate. I also used a lime for the napkins and napkin rings. I kind of wish I had use white napkins with those napkin rings, now that I have photographed them.

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Happy Table!

The sun is finally out after several days of much needed rain, so this called for a bright, happy table in vibrant aqua and orange. Mother Nature let loose the past week or so...hope she does not forget we still have July and August, that will really need some of that moisture.

The beginnings of the table is this gorgeous table cloth in bright aqua and white that I paired with vibrant orange napkins held with an off white metal flower napkin holder.

The very simple plate stack begins with a white wood charger, orange dinner plate and white luncheon/salad plate.

The serving bowls are Bordallo Pinheiro.

I found 2 aqua pineapple candle "cages" at TJMaxx last week that ended up in my cart. I just couldn't resist them. I paired them with wood holders, that I painted orange, for the rest of the centerpiece as I didn't have time to go find orange flowers.

Napkins-World Market
Napkin rings-thrift store finds
Wood charger-Pier One
Orange dinner plate-Royal Norfolk
White cabbage luncheon/salad-Bordallo Pinheiro
Orange bowls-Bordallo Pinheiro
Aqua glassware-Pioneer Woman
Sterling flatware-Oneida/Afterglow
Pineapple candle "cages"-TJMaxx
Orange candle holders-thrift store finds

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter 2017

I recently acquired a couple more lavender Bordallo Pinheiro dinner plates from eBay...they are rarer than hens teeth! They arrived in time to do an Easter tablescape. I have used all BP china for this table. The pieces include white chargers, lavender dinner, luncheon, salad plates, berry bowls and even a platter that I have used under the centerpiece. I have always used the luncheon plate for salads and the salad plates for dessert.

I have used a large piece of fabric as the tablecloth and lavender napkins.

The purple glasses are Ivima that I bought several years ago at TJMaxx. The sterling flatware is Oneida Afterglow.

The centerpiece is a couple small pots of lavender tulips that I plopped into a white tureen that is resting on a lavender BP bunny sandwich plate. The white candle holders came from a thrift store, Goodwill, I think and the purple candles, probably from WalMart.

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