Monday, May 3, 2010

Thrifty Treasures #1

I will joining the party at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures. Thank you for hosting, Rhoda. Please make sure you go visit Rhoda to check out everyone's Thrifty Treasures.

Between yard sales and thrift stores I have found a few treasures. One treasure you will have to wait until later this week to see!

I found several these lime green with what looks like a dandelion that has gone to seed, in one corner. Sad, there were only 3 of them.

The blue water stems were found at the thrift store for 49¢ each and the blue/white napkins, another thrift store find, will be relocating to a blogger friend in Texas!

A new Salvation Army thrift store had their grand opening Friday in a nearby town. I happened to be in that town shopping so I stopped by. There were literally hundreds of people in the store so I didn't get a chance to look at everything.
I did manage to find 3 older Blue Willow dinner plates and bread/butter plates.

I have been looking for a mint julep cup to use as a vase and found one at Savers the other day with some faux roses. It just needs a little polishing to be pretty with a dark pink peony in it!

This cute, little tureen, minus the ladle was over-priced at $3.99 at Goodwill. It is sitting on yard sale lavender linen napkins which were a quarter for four.

Finally, a cheery yellow Pinheiro/Bordallo with flowers for 99¢ at Goodwill.

There are a few tablecloths but have already laundered and put them away...too lazy to drag them out for a photo op!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit.


Linda said...

You got some really cute finds. Love those green napkins! Great thrifing!

Dishesdone said...

You found some beautiful things, Mimi, and I'm sure looking forward to your putting them to use in future tablescapes! I love the julep cup!

Marsha said...

Wonderful treasures :) I am looking forward to seeing them in future tablescapes too. I especially like those lime green napkins.

I was looking through your past posts trying to see if it was you that posted some vintage Pinheiro/Bordallo green plates with fruit on them. I know I saw them somewhere - I purchased some in TX and wanted to see if they were the same. If they were yours - email me :)

Sue said...

Hi Mimi- Thanks for the visit. I'm trying to make a visit to many of the party-goers but it's been a really busy day so I'm waaaaay behind! LOL I love those little dandelion napkins and the yellow plate that you found. Do you find that most GW stores are usually very over-priced? Ours in Dayton think they are retail stores! Nutty! Give me a yard sale any day...
Hope you'll stop by again. I'm off to check out some of your other posts. :-) Sue

Kathleen said...

You did well. I love the tureen, you can prob find a ladle that will fit in your travels.
So nice of you to send the glasses to TX. I have a friend who sent me plates..oh wait, that was you!
Good buy on the napkins too!

Christa said...

I love that tureen - and the roses, too. Beautiful!

Lori said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment. your finds are always things that I am looking for. that soup tureen is cool. I like all the details.

GardenofDaisies said...

Oooooh! I love the dandelion napkins!

Grannys Attic said...

Mimi, You really found some great deals. Love the green napkins! Have a blessed week, Vicky

Abby said...

You know what I do when I find cloth napkins in an odd number? I use those napkins to put in my kids or husband's lunch. I am a big advocate for waste free lunches and it is just one less thing that goes in the landfill. They can bring that napkin home to be washed for another day!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

You found some great treasures! I love those napkins with the dandelions!

Bunny Jean's Decor... and More! said...

Oh Mimi, I just received the blue goblets and those wonderful napkins! You are the sweetest bloggy friend!!!

Since my camera is still giving me grief, I hope it is ok to use your picture on my blog so that I may share about my special gift.

Thanks bunches,
Bunny Jean

p.s. Be on the lookout for a little somthing coming you way...