Friday, August 21, 2015

Ants, Ants, And More Ants!

I wasn't laughing the beginning of summer when it came to ants...we had a horrible infestation of those little critters. I thought we would never get rid of them. I am hoping they will have found a new home before fall when they start looking for more foods.

Actually my inspiration came from some fabric and a valance I found at Savers back early spring. I asked my friend Joen to make double sided napkins for me. There wasn't enough material to make a tablerunner so I have used a red/white polka dotted one over a white table cloth.
The centerpiece is made up of candles/candle holders, large and small ant tea light holders, a ladybug and a pitcher full of black and white straws instead of flowers, so I don't have to spend hours chasing a certain fat cat off the table.

The plate stack begins with a black woven place mat, the white scalloped wood charger from Pier One followed by a bright red BH&G dinner plate, a red/white Royal Stafford salad plate and finally a black Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage leaf berry dish that my sister, Judy found on Etsy that came directly from Portugal. I also got 3 red berry bowls, but I think they are a different red than the ones available in the I probably won't ever be able to acquire a 4th one!

The glassware is the ever popular bee glassware from TJMaxx about 6-7 years ago.

The flatware is cherry red handled Oxford Hall Fashion Wear. I love this flatware and have it in all the colors that were made.

We have been on pins and needles the past few weeks waiting for a diagnosis for my husband, Howard. We found out today that he has Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma with Burkitt-like features. He will begin aggressive chemo starting on August 31, so if I disappear you will know why.

Thanks for visiting today, come back next time.

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Ellen Thompson said...

Really cute table, as always. Th ants are driving us CRAZY this summer. They were in my CAR today!!! Ray had to get the bug spray. No idea how they got there as we don't eat in the car.

janice15 said...

Very cute... I have had ants all over too.. the other morning I awoke to a kitchen floor full of ants I couldn't believe it and i'm very careful about the floor being cleaned every evening .. it was truly amazing.. I love everything on your table setting.. I wish we still had a Savers.. Happy weekend with love Janice

Anonymous said...

Such a fun table! It looks so summery and and like a picnic.......the ant candle holders are perfect!
love you,

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh Marigene, I'm so sorry about the diagnosis on your dear hubby. May God watch over both of you as your hubby begins chemo.
Your table today is so fun and full of happy, summer fun with ants that are controlled by napkins and tea lights! Using the polka runner adds another touch of cheeriness. You must have every color of cabbage dishes that are made, and I always enjoy seeing them.
Hugs are sent to you!

DD's Cottage said...

Very cute and creative-you always have the most interesting tables!

Anonymous said...

Love the dishes but ants make me cringe after a very bad experience with them. I didn't comment on the last two tablescapes because I didn't get them. Just looked at them and they are spectacular as always. bbb

Pat Cantwell said...

I noticed I hadn't seen as many posts from In The Middle of Nowhere, lately.
Now, I understand the reason, dear friend.
My daily prayers are coming your way, lifting you and your sweet husband up to the Lord.
This is an adorable tablescape!!!
I like the uniqueness of the table centerpiece. . .straws in place of flowers. . .genius!!!
Again, I'll be holding you close in my heart, thoughts and prayers.

Sarah said...

Cute table setting in every detail. Even the bulbous flatware reminds me of ants. Fun, happy table!

Anonymous said...

Love the red and black together......a summery, picnic-looking setting. Keep your ants; we've been lucky and haven't had any problems so far.
Glad to see you back setting great tablescapes for our entertainment and pleasure.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I wondered if you were painting again since you had been away from your blog, but now I see there is another reason. I am so sorry Marigene and I will add your dear husband to my prayers.

This tablescape is adorable even if I hate ants! LOL!! Love the colors scheme! Your collection of BP is amazing. I found a lovely lemon leaf plate for $1 at the thrift shop that I'll share soon.


Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Awww, love the red and black together. Cheerful and fun tablescape. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved husband. May both of you be surrounded by love and healing thoughts. xo

Blondie's Journal said...

Sending much, much love and many prayers your way. I was down that road with my guy, too.

I'm having "grease' ants on my counters. Same thing every year. All you can do is keep everything clean.

Jane x

Jemma@athomewithjemma said...

I have missed you and have been hopping over here to see if I had inadvertently missed something. I am sending positive thoughts, prayers and love your way for healing.
This is one adorable and precious table setting! You have a real talent and flair for creating such wonderful and sometimes whimsical spaces! I love this.
Sending Hugs to you,

Barbara said...

Sending healing prayers your way for you both. I know you will need strength to get through these difficult times. Your table is so happy and cheery. It says a lot about your spirit that you did this when faced with such news. The colors are just wonderful together. This table really gave me a smile.

SavoringTime in the Kitchen said...

I'm so sorry to read about your husband's diagnosis, Marigene! Sending positive thoughts and best wishes for you both and healing thoughts for your husband. I love that your table is so whimsical but there is nothing whimsical about ants as we well know too. said...

Your table is adorable Marigene, but I'm not a fan of ants, bugs, or any creepy crawlies. We spent a fortune hiring a pest control company to debug our beach house which all of a sudden had roaches AGH it was awful! but they're all dead and gone now so totally worth it!! You found so many cute antsy things!

Pattie @ Olla-Podrida said...

What a wonderfully fun summer table setting this is. I love fabric, so would have gone crazy for this. I have made a lot of napkins over the years (pretty much the extent of my sewing skills), and love the idea of a double-sided napkin. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to give this some thought.

Rosemary and Thyme said...

This table is adorable Marigene. I am not too fund of the ants since they have been horrible this year but I did enjoy all the whimsy of your table.

Thanks for visiting me Marigine,


Dianne said...

Marigene, We were on the same wave length with the red & white theme! Your table is so cute and whimsical. Dianne

Diann said...

I love this table! So bright and cheerful. Everything works so perfectly together. The ultimate summertime table!

Valerie Roberts said...

I just love this charming tablescape. It makes me happy. Love all your details. The straws for the centerpiece are a great idea. I have a cat as well. I think this tablescape is my favorite that I have seen this week.